Forbidden Love (cont’d. from 3/10/17)

This is a continuation of the story I began last Friday, Forbidden Love.

“Amelia.” “Amelia!”

She started at the sternness in her father’s voice. She tore her eyes from Cade’s departing figure and looked up at her father. “Yes Daddy?”

“Whatever were you thinking? No decent  man in town will want to court you if they see you taking up with the likes of Cade Jeffries. He’s an outlaw. The Brody Gang that he rides with are some of the vilest men in the western territories.”

“Then why aren’t they in jail? Why don’t you arrest them while they’re here?”

“I don’t have enough deputies and my little jail wouldn’t hold them for long. Besides we don’t have a judge within eighty miles to come and preside over a trial.”

“Is Cade Jeffries as bad as the Brodys?”

“Amelia, it doesn’t matter if he’s committed the same awful crimes or not. He’s guilty by association, if nothing else. Now you get your thoughts off of that man and do as I say – stay away from Cade Jeffries.” He spoke his order slowly and carefully announced each word.

Amelia hung her head and continued on her way. She hadn’t answered her father’s order because she didn’t want to obey it. She was intrigued by Cade Jeffries and definitely felt an attraction to the man. Surely he couldn’t be as bad as her father thought. If “guilty by association” were a real crime, the good Lord himself had been guilty of it when he walked on earth and had visited and dined with sinners, and aren’t we all sinners? No, she couldn’t promise to stay away from Cade Jeffries. She’d just have to be careful.


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