Timeless Tuesday — History Related to my Novel

Jesse James - Death, Wife & Brother - Biography
Jesse James (photo copied from Biography.com)

Last week’s Timeless Tuesday blog post ended with Jesse James moving his family back to St. Joseph, Missouri.

This week, before I tell you what happened to Jesse in St. Joseph, I want to tell you a little bit about the Jesse James House.

Jesse’s home was originally located on Lafayette Street, on a hill overlooking the Patee (pronounced Pay tee) House. Though Jesse and his home are not in my upcoming novel, the Patee House is.

As we established in last week’s blog post, Jesse chose to live the life of an outlaw. He lived as an outlaw for 16 years. Back in St. Joseph, Jesse’s life ended at the age of 34 when he was shot in his St. Joseph home by Bob Ford, who was a member of the James gang. The murder took place on April 3, 1882. Bob wanted the $10,000 reward that Governor Tom Crittenden had offered for Jesse James.

Today the Jesse James home in St. Joesph, Missouri, is a museum dedicated to the life and death of Jesse James. The house was moved, in 1939 to the Belt Highway in St. Joseph and made into a tourist attraction. However, it has since been moved to the grounds of the Patee House, and both the Patee House and the Jesse James Home are owned and operated by the Pony Express Historical Association.

Resource: The St. Joseph, Missouri website.

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    • Hi Scribbling Scribe,

      Thanks for stopping by, reading one of my posts, and leaving a comment. Yes, I thought it was interesting that they would choose to move his house twice as well. It’s not an easy feat to move a house. At least it doesn’t appear to be a large house.

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