Editorial Services

About Me and My Editing Qualifications:

I am a Professional Freelance Editor with more than five years of experience. In my high school years, I studied the highest level English courses my high school offered and have always excelled in spelling and grammar. I have also been involved and active in the writing world since September 2013. I participate in Writers’ Conferences annually where I continue to learn about the writing craft, the latest rules and/or suggestions for writing. I also keep up to date on what publishers and agents are looking for. I am also a member of Lancaster Christian Writers Association and have been since 2013.

I work with Fiction writers. I have edited novels, short stories, a children’s chapter book, and flash fiction stories. (photos of the covers of novels I have edited that are available on Amazon are at the bottom of this post). Note that one of the books I’ve edited is an award winning novel. You may also note that I have done multiple books for several writers.

Content Editing is what I do. It includes editing of grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and style, order of wording, pacing, consistency of things like character names and descriptions. So, content editing covers all the technical items in a line edit as well as all of the big picture things. If you write historical fiction, I will also do a basic fact check.

 My skills are in fiction writing and I will edit any genre EXCEPT horror, science fiction, LGBTQ, or erotica. I will NOT edit anything that has a lot of graphic violence (I understand in some instances, a scene or maybe a couple scenes may require this, but I don’t want to have to read an entire book full, or even a book half full of graphic violence). I also will not edit anything that contains excessive profanity and explicit sexual scenes.

Sources I Use:

I will primarily use The Chicago Manual of Style, most current edition, The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style: 4th Edition, and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (online) as reference materials.

How I Work With You:

My goal is to build a working relationship with you. That means open lines of communication. I am always as kind and respectful as I can be when suggesting changes to your manuscript, and I am very careful not to change your voice, characters, plot, or theme. I want it to always remain your story. I am always open for questions, as well as your opinions on my suggestions, and the changes I suggest are ultimately up to you — whether or not you want to change them. In the editing process, especially in the first three chapters of your manuscript, if you tend to repeat a writing habit that isn’t helpful to your story, I will explain why it isn’t good for your story so that you can learn what your weaknesses are and learn how to avoid them. I will also point out things that I think you did extremely well or a particular wording that I think is outstanding in the way it is written to make you aware of your strengths.

How Do We Begin the Work: For novels and novellas, I request the first three chapters and I edit these for free and return them to you with the suggested corrections, and the total estimated cost of the complete edit. I use “Track Changes” in a Word Document or in Google Docs to communicate the changes that will improve your story.

As you read through my recommended changes, feel free to email me with any questions or comments you have for further clarification. Open communication is key to understanding one another and building a good working relationship. The complete edit includes a second read through after you have made the suggested corrections. If you have chosen not to make some suggested corrections, I would appreciate a brief explanation for your decision.

The typical way to pay for novel, novella, and short story editing: I charge an hourly fee which will be based on how much time I estimate it will take me to complete the work, based on the first three chapters.

NOTE: Most editors charge per page or per word, and their average edit costs $800 or more. I can guarantee you my cost is less than $800 for a content edit on a full manuscript.

I also offer a payment plan type of editing if “the typical way” seems to be a hardship for you. 

For Flash Fiction editing: I charge a flat fee of $15 per Flash Fiction Story.

If you would like to know more or get a quote on your work, whether full-length novel, novella, or short story, email me at: kellybarredits@gmail.com

I have the right to refuse any editing job but will offer an explanation should I choose to refuse to accept your manuscript.

What Some of my Clients Have to Say:

Kelly is a pleasure to work with. She is well-versed enough to understand the nuances of my genre (Christian Speculative) even though she doesn’t write Speculative. She knows her craft and is sensitive and gentle when giving input about things that need to be corrected or rewritten. Her notes are thoughtful and her suggestions made my book a better read and a more polished final product. ‘The Sorcerer’s Bane, book one of my series The Seven Words, is slated to be released soon and I will continue to seek her professional help on future manuscripts.  — C. S. Wachter

Kelly Barr did a very thorough job, generating a final product that truly expresses what I had in mind. Also, they shortened it by about 1600 words and that’s always a plus! 🙂 There were some that I chose not to apply, but the vast majority of the edits proposed were golden. — J. P. Robinson

Word of Caution: If you choose to read any of the books that I list as books I’ve worked on, please remember that all clients have the option of making the changes an editor suggests or not. Therefore, the final published product does not necessarily depict the editor’s skills in a completely accurate manner.

Books I have worked on:

This book won an award in 2020! See https://indiestoday.com/the-sorcerers-bane-by-c-s-wachter/


A Weight of Reckoning: Sequel to The Seven Words  Demon's Legacy: A Worlds of Ochen Short Story Lander's Legacy (Stone Sovereigns Book 1) Lander's Choice (Stone Sovereigns Book 2) by [C. S. Wachter]

Bride Tree (Secrets of Versailles Book 2) by [Robinson, JP]  In the Shadow of Your Wings (Northshire Heritage Book 1) by [Robinson, JP]  In the Midst of the Flames (Northshire Heritage Book 2) by [Robinson, JP]

Gods They Had Never Known by [Helms, J. S.]

More Than A Second Chance: A Contemporary Christian Novel with clean romance by [Renee, Lisa]Acres of Promise: Women's Christian Fiction with clean romance (Single Again Book 2) Kindle Edition