Editing Services

I am a Professional Freelance Editor with four years of experience.
I am a member of The Christian Pen and The Christian Editor Network. I have not edited anything that has been published yet because I currently work with several new writers who are working on their first manuscript. As they publish their works, I will post books I have worked on, here, for you to see.

I offer copy edits, proofreading, and content editing. Content editing includes guidance and hands-on editing by me, and I will review the manuscript two times. My skills are in fiction writing and I like any genre except horror. I will NOT edit anything that has excessive profanity, explicit sexual scenes or erotica.

I will primarily use The Chicago Manual of Style, most current edition and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (online) as reference materials.

If you would like to know more or get a quote on your work, whether full-length novel or short story, email me at: kellybarredits@gmail.com

The first thing I do is ask for a sample of your work, which I edit for free and return to you with the proposed type of edit and the cost. If you’re shopping around, I’m sure you’ll find my prices competitive.

Here’s what some of the people I’ve worked with have to say about my work:

I really appreciate your insights about my story! It means so much to me that you have given it that much thought. This is great input, just the kind I know I need to make the story better. If you feel something, like it drags, or whatever, someone else reading it might feel that too, so if I  can revise now with that in mind, it’s good! I like your suggestion that ______ might sense something is up with ________, when he calls. I have to say, Kelly, that the email you sent was the most valuable you’ve done for me. As I said, just the kind of input I need. So don’t hesitate to tell people things like that. You may have just the perspective that is needed. Thanks so much!” — S.G

“Kelly is a pleasure to work with. She is well-versed enough to understand the nuances of my genre (Christian Speculative) even though she doesn’t write Speculative. She knows her craft and is sensitive and gentle when giving input about things that need to be corrected or rewritten. Her notes are thoughtful and her suggestions made my book a better read and a more polished final product. ‘The Sorcerer’s Bane‘, book one of my series The Seven Words, is slated to be released soon and I will continue to seek her professional help on future manuscripts.  — C. S. Wachter

Word of Caution: If you choose to read any of the books that I list as books I’ve worked on, please remember that all of my clients have the option of making the changes I suggest or not. Therefore, their final published product does not necessarily depict my editing skills in a completely accurate manner.