Editing Services

I am a Professional Freelance Editor with four years of experience.
I work with Fiction writers.

I offer three types of editing:

Content editing is what most of my clients request. It includes editing of grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage and style,  order of wording, pacing, consistency of things like character names and descriptions. So, content editing covers all the technical items as well as all of the big picture things. If you write historical fiction, I will also do a basic fact check.

Copy editing includes checking written material to correct errors in grammar, spelling, usage, and style. Style refers to consistency in how words, phrases, typographical elements, etc., are used.

Proofreading — Proofreaders simply look for typographical and mechanical errors.

 My skills are in fiction writing and I like any genre except horror. I will NOT edit anything that has a lot of graphic violence (I understand in some instances, a scene or maybe a couple scenes may require this, but I don’t want to have to read an entire book full, or even half a book full of graphic violence), excessive profanity, explicit sexual scenes or erotica.

I will primarily use The Chicago Manual of Style, most current edition, The Christian Writer’s Manual of Style: 4th Edition, and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary (online) as reference materials.

If you would like to know more or get a quote on your work, whether full-length novel, novella, short story, or flash fiction story, email me at: kellybarredits@gmail.com

For novels and novellas, I request the first three chapters first, and I edit these for free and return them to you with the suggested corrections, proposed type of edit, and the cost. If you’re shopping around, I’m sure you’ll find my prices competitive.

Here’s what one of the people I’ve worked with have to say about my work:

I really appreciate your insights about my story! It means so much to me that you have given it that much thought. This is great input, just the kind I know I need to make the story better. If you feel something, like it drags, or whatever, someone else reading it might feel that too, so if I  can revise now with that in mind, it’s good! I like your suggestion that ______ might sense something is up with ________, when he calls. I have to say, Kelly, that the email you sent was the most valuable you’ve done for me. As I said, just the kind of input I need. So don’t hesitate to tell people things like that. You may have just the perspective that is needed. Thanks so much!” — S.G

Word of Caution: If you choose to read any of the books that I list as books I’ve worked on, please remember that all clients have the option of making the changes an editor suggests or not. Therefore, the final published product does not necessarily depict the editor’s skills in a completely accurate manner.

Books I have worked on:


Bride Tree (Secrets of Versailles Book 2) by [Robinson, JP]  In the Shadow of Your Wings (Northshire Heritage Book 1) by [Robinson, JP]  In the Midst of the Flames (Northshire Heritage Book 2) by [Robinson, JP]

In addition to the above books, I have edited one short story for a client and a children’s chapter book for another client. (These items are not available online).