Promises Unbroken (The Moretti Trilogy #1) by Kristina Hall

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As a Book Reviewer, this is my honest review of Promises Unbroken (The Moretti Trilogy #1) by Kristina Hall. I was not required to write a positive review nor any review.

Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall is a Christian Mystery/Suspense novel that will have you burning the midnight oil just to read one more chapter.

Mae Ashton’s family isn’t what it used to be. Part of the reason the family has changed is because Mae’s sister has disappeared, or as many believe, died. But Mae believes her sister is still alive, so she writes a note to her fiance and leaves town to find her sister.

This book begins with danger and action as Mae realizes she’s being followed. Just after Mae is threatened, her fiance, Davis, shows up, determined to take Mae home or help her, but he’s definitely not leaving without her. With each chapter, the suspense and danger facing Davis and Mae mount and Mae regrets being the reason Davis is there.

When Davis first meets Alberto Moretti, a ruthless henchman for a corrupt businessman, he suggests that Moretti read the Bible. As the story continues, both Davis and Mae have run-ins with Moretti.

Throughout the novel, Davis encourages Mae in her walk with the Lord by quoting scripture. Davis also to tries to discuss faith and the Bible whenever he can fit it into a conversation with Alberto Moretti.

Ms. Hall has created a suspense filled novel with a thread of the Christian faith flowing through it in the midst of the danger. This book is also reminiscent of historical mafia stories where the criminal is the head of a family who has been involved in criminal activities for more than one generation. The story is well written, and though it is the first book of a trilogy, the ending is satisfactory and doesn’t leave the reader hanging on the edge of a cliff anxiously awaiting the next book.

There is plenty of suspense and some tense moments. The romance is clean and mild. There is some violence, but the violent scenes are brief and are not explicit.

I give Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall 5 stars.