Coffee Shop Chat

Coffee Shop Chat

I have been checking Tessa’s blog for another Coffee Shop Chats post, but she hasn’t posted one since July 6th, and I really want to do them every other week, so I hope she won’t be offended that I am doing this. I also recommend that you visit her blog for her other posts. She is a very busy, young, successful writer and shares lots of interesting things. Simply go to the website you see in the photo above.

Now for my Coffee Shop Chat post for this week:

What I did this week:

Monday through Wednesday weren’t anything out of the ordinary, but Thursday I took my oldest son to the airport. He went to work at the Demme Learning stand at a homeschool convention in Atlanta, Georgia. He returned on Sunday. I also took my youngest son to the dentist to have his last baby tooth pulled because it wasn’t budging and new adult teeth didn’t have enough room to come through the gums. (Last Thursday, this little guy also had a small lump removed from his left leg a little below his knee and received four stitches, which will come out next Thursday.)

Finally on Thursday, this:

arrived! I am so excited! I will now be able to know how to use ALL of the wonderful features of Scrivener! I have already found that when I write my next novel, (I think it’s too late to use all of the features for my current novel), I won’t have to have any paperwork, which will be really weird for me because I’ve been writing since before computers. (Yes, now you know I’m old.) But, all of my information on my characters, my time line, even my research can be kept in Scrivener! I highly recommend Scrivener to all serious writers.

The big news of the week is that yesterday, I met my Camp NaNoWriMo goal and became a Camp NaNoWinner for 2016! The best thing about participating in Camp NaNoWriMo was that I finally found a way to beat my procrastination with my writing. When I wanted to write, working on my novel, during the month of July, I would turn on my laptop and go straight to Scrivener, which immediately put me in writing mode because that is where I write my novels and short stories (not Flash Fiction). I was able to remain focused and write until I needed a break to figure out my next scene or one of my main characters’ (I have two) reactions to what happened in the previous scene. I averaged about 806 words a day. Sometimes I did between 700 and 800, a couple of times I wrote 1,000 or more and yesterday I wrote close to 3,000 words!  I have a nice little badge on my sidebar now showing my Camp NaNoWriMo accomplishment.

So the key to my writing success is to find a time earlier in the day for social media, and when I want to work on my novel or a short story, go straight to Scrivener and AVOID social media!

My Next Writing Goal, now that Camp NaNoWriMo is over:

Well, as much as I am enjoying writing this novel, the fact that I know that I have some changes to make and things to add in chapters I’ve already written will cause me to pause in the writing. I will take the time to read ALL of the wonderful information the Pony Express Museum sent to me, and I will go through all that I have written so far and make the needed corrections, changes, and additions before continuing the story because that is what works best for me. Besides, I have been impatiently waiting to dig into all of that fascinating material.   🙂

In addition to working on my novel, I want to continue to write and schedule blog posts far enough in advance that if I hit a crazy busy weekday or week, I won’t miss any posts here where you all come to visit.

I also started a short story just before Camp NaNoWriMo began and haven’t worked on it since, so I want to get back to that and finish it. I also want to write some devotionals, Chicken Soup for the Soul stories and other things.

Convo Starters:

  1. What is your favorite season?
  2. If you could be a character from a book, who would you be?
  3. Do you have a job in addition to writing?
  4. Do you prefer music or quiet while you write?



Coffee Shop Chat

Coffee Shop Chat

My friend Laura at Caffeinated Fiction found this neat little idea on Tessa’s blog and encouraged me to participate, so I decided I will participate here every other week on a Monday, since I already have specific things I post each day.  So now Mondays will be one Monday I post something about writing or my personal writing journey and the next Monday I will post a Coffee Shop Chat. I hope some of you will joins us in the Coffee Shop Chats as well. (I’m not a coffee drinker, so I’ll be drinking tea).

What’s a Coffee Shop Chat? 

There are a ton of writers out there in Blog-Land, and sometimes it’s just hard to connect. We are so focused on writing our next blogpost/ working/ schooling/ dealing with family stuff – we forget how much fun it can be to just sit and talk! 

Coffee Shop Chats are one way you can connect with other writers, readers, bloggers, whoever! It’s a time to just share, laugh and drink a cup of coffee or tea (or two.) You can share exciting events from the week, the latest book that’s inspired you, a great movie you’d like to recommend, or even share prayer requests. All the things you would share if we were sitting in a coffee shop together, spending an hour away from the cares of the world. 

You can post whatever, whenever you like! Don’t forget to add your ‘link-up’ to the bottom of the original post on my friend Tessa’s blog (listed above). That way we can all find one another and can respond to one another’s blog posts. Click here to go directly to her blog and scroll down to see the Guidelines section and the How to Post section, once you’re ready to participate! Don’t forget to comment on another blogger’s posts first (mine counts!)and to answer and include CONVO STARTERS!

Ready? Ok, let’s get together!

Music I’ve Enjoyed:

I am a HUGE Toby Mac fan and I LOVE his latest album, “This is Not a Test”.

Why do I love Toby Mac and his music? Because Toby is the real deal. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. He donates to charities, reaches out to communities, spreads God’s word through his music and in his concerts and helps other Christian artists reach their goals.  And there are many times that something that is said in our Sunday school class or  our Pastor’s sermons that brings a Toby Mac song to my mind because it applies.

What I did this week:

I started school with my youngest son. We are homeschoolers and we finished our 2015-2016 school year at the end of April and had off the months of May and June and the week of the 4th of July, and because we like extra time off at the Christmas holiday time, we start school while summer is still going on. This week we had one day of Physical Education and Science and three days of History, Math and English Literature.

Here’s what we are reading:

We are studying the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder for history.

We are studying The Chronicles of Narnia for English Literature.

My son is doing lapbooks on these books. He is artistically inclined and loves doing lapbooking and notebooking.

I had to laugh the first day we started these books this week. I read from Little House in the Big Woods first and my son said, “This is a good book.” Then I sent him to complete two math sheets.

After math, I read from The Magician’s Nephew and when I stopped, my son said, “No, you can’t stop. You have to read more!” Yes, my son could read these books on his own, but one thing my boys and I enjoy is for me to read some of the main subject books out loud to them.

The two convo starters I will answer are from Tessa’s Christ is Write blog:

  1. Do you write more during the summer or take a break?

I write more during the summer because I have more time for writing.

2. Do you prefer summer or fall?

I prefer fall. Here in Pennsylvania, we get quite a lot of temperatures in the upper 80s to mid 90s that are accompanied by high humidity making the temperature feel ten degrees or more than the thermometer reports. I much prefer the comfortable temperatures of fall.

Now here are some Convo Starters for You:

  1. What’s your favorite book of all time?
  2. What’s your favorite hot beverage and your favorite cold beverage?
  3. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
  4. If you could have lunch with any author (alive or passed), who would it be and why?
  5. What is your favorite childhood memory related to reading or writing?