Misty and the Children by Kelly F. Barr

Misty and the Children
by Kelly F. Barr

Lots of voices float through the air;
The laughter of children tickles my ears.
Multiple grades and ages; as Misty sits and stares.
Her tiny head and ears twitch at the sounds of the dears.

Misty’s little body usually trembles and she barks loudly
For she was a rescued dog and people cause her fear.
Right now she sits alone, upright, proudly
Until the chattering children draw near.

Then she rises, body shaking, as she moves away.
The younger children would like to touch her
But she runs to her owner where she stays
As she watches and in her throat rumbles a “grrr”!

Poem: My Labrador Retriever

My Labrador Retriever
by Kelly F. Barr

Gentle, affectionate;
Black, shiny, intelligent;
Loyal, faithful, and obedient;
Warm, soft, and comforting.

Peanut butter is his favorite treat,
And he always knows when it’s time to eat.
Riding in the car or going for a walk
Are his favorite things to do.

Friendly and alert.
Offers wet, sloppy kisses when I hurt.
Always by my side.
Best friend anyone could have.