False Blood (A Detective Cliff Husto Thriller Book 3) by Jack King

False Blood is another fast-paced book in the Detective Cliff Husto thriller series by Jack King. This time Detective Husto faces his most challenging case yet. This case includes drug smuggling, murder, arson, and kidnapping, and the number of suspects mounts.

Jack King’s False Blood will keep you turning pages, keep you on the edge of your seat, and keep your mind thoroughly engaged as you try to figure out which suspect or suspects are guilty. Will you be able to identify the guilty person or persons before Detective Husto can?

False Blood also includes some twists and surprises. I did feel like some parts of the story were a bit rushed and some characters not as well developed as in the previous two Detective Cliff Husto hard-boiled mysteries. I also think some parts of the crime weren’t as clearly wrapped up with details as they could have been, which made the case wrap-up at the end feel a bit rushed. I also would have liked to have seen the main suspect better developed.

Unlike Jack King’s first two Detective Husto novels, False Blood did not begin with a lot of character introductions. Instead it begins with a Prologue where a crime is committed, then the first chapter finds Detective Husto and his two sons engaged in some at home one-on-one basketball and Horse, followed by Detective Husto going for a jog. Then begins his detective work, introducing the cases without really introducing characters. This change in how the story begins works fine, although I think focusing more on the crimes caused a lack of development of the criminals, and being a reader who wants to be fully engaged with characters and really get into their heads, found that missing part disappointing.

Jack King is a talented writer, who, obviously knows how to weave a complicated crime story with lots of characters. Detective Cliff Husto is a very likable character. He cares about his family and spends time with his sons. He is kind and respectful to the victims of crime that he must question or to whom he must give bad news. He is also respectful of his coworkers and those in authority. So, all in all, Detective Husto is a positive role model.

False Blood author, Jack King, is also talented at keeping the story moving at a fast pace, something all thriller readers enjoy. Readers will find it hard to put this book down. I certainly did.

False Blood does not include a lot of graphic violence. There are also no religious examples or messages in this book, although there is a character who is Muslim as well as a Jewish character. There is profanity sprinkled into some dialogue in some scenes in False Blood, but it is not used excessively.

I give False Blood 4 stars.