My New Hero

Okay, so he’s not really my hero, but he is definitely an inspiration and I can’t wait to research him to learn more about him and read his writings. “Who?” You ask — Sir Walter Scott!

You see, my sister-in-law and her husband and son recently went on vacation to Europe and when they came back, she sent me copies of the following photos because she had taken them because they made her think of me. Aww!

Why did they make her think of me? Because Sir Walter Scott, as the photo of the plaque below explains, created the genre of the historical novel, which is what I write! And, they built a monument to honor him in Edinburgh, Scotland (pictured below). It is the largest monument to a writer in the world! (I jokingly said, “Some day they’ll build one in my honor.” To which my middle son groaned.)    😀

Sir Walter Scott wrote one of my favorite stories, Ivanhoe, which I haven’t read in years, but now I’ll have to revisit.

What do you know about Sir Walter Scott? What did he write that you like?