Tea and Poetry

“Where there’s tea there’s hope.”  — Sir Arthur Pinero

Pale Lady
by Langston Hughes

Pale, delightful lady,
How I love you!
I would spread cool violets
At your feet
And bring you lovely jewels
For your hair,
And put a tiny golden ring
Upon your finger
And leave it there
As a sign and symbol of my love,
My bright, bright love for you.
Oh, pale, delightful lady,
How I love you!

Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit: “The spirit of the tea beverage is one of peace, comfort and refinement.”   — Arthur Gray

by Langston Hughes

Lovely, dark, and lonely one,
Bare your bosom to the sun.
Do not be afraid of light,
You are a child of night.

Open wide your arms to life,
Whirl in the wind of pain and strife,
Face the wall with the dark closed gate,
Beat with bare, brown fists–
And wait.