The Briskness of Fall by Kelly F. Barr

The Briskness of Fall
by Kelly F. Barr

Fall comes in
With a chilly breeze;
I am enthralled by a ballet
Of dancing leaves.

Through leaves on the ground
Playful, busy squirrels scamper;
In my front yard, robins abound
Fueling their bodies as temps become damper.

Soon they’ll fly south and others will follow.
As the cold winds blow, less songs the birds sing
Will reach my ears as I stay warm; my heart a bit hollow,
Until robins and warm breezes return in the spring.

The Allure of the Mountains (Poem)

Since I finished my short story, Forbidden Love, I have decided to share some poetry for a few weeks. Today’s poem is a Sense Poem.

The Allure of the Mountains
by Kelly F. Barr

Snow-capped mountain peaks
Christmas scent of pine trees
Cry of the majestic eagle
Refreshed, renewed, alive
Clear sweet water from mountain spring
Most heavenly place on earth

Scurrying Squirrels Poem

Scurrying Squirrels
by Kelly F. Barr

Watch the squirrels running around,
Digging holes in the ground.
In Fall, to hide treasured nutmeats;
In Spring, to find these precious treats.

They chase each other round and round;
Up one tree, jump to another and down.
They balance with their bushy tails.
Their antics bring us laughter in gales.

When they have babies in their nests
Keeping your distance would be best.
If you get too close, they will loudly scold.
These little critters can be quite bold.