Some Interesting Articles and a New Blog to Check Out

As you may note, there is a link on my sidebar to A3 which is a great resource for writing. I write eight articles for them a year and my newest article for romance writers just posted today. Check it out at this link:

My most recent post for historical writers can be found at this link: However, I just submitted an new article for historical writers, but you’ll have to wait until next month to read it.

The cool logo below is the header for a new blog you’ll want to check out.

Where A Collective of Authors Share

Hope, Hearts, & Heroes is a new blog that I am a part of with several other writers. We all met on MeWe and are part of writers group on MeWe. On this blog, you can read introductory posts about each of us and learn more about what we write as well as any books we’ve published or that we will be releasing soon! We are a mix of Christian Fantasy authors and Christian or clean Romance stories — some historical and some suspense. Go to the following link and check out this new blog now!