What Does Mr. Person Fear? by Patrick Lauser

Patrick Lauser has written and released a new children’s book. It is written in Shakespearean meter — a poetic form.

What Does Mr. Person Fear? by Patrick Lauser is a unique children’s book. Master Axel, a brave rabbit, has come to visit Mr. Person and is concerned by the look of fear upon Mr. Person’s face. He examines every part of Mr. Person’s house, finding many frightening things and asking Mr. Person which one is it that frightens him.

Mr. Lauser also provides the illustrations for What Does Mr. Person Fear? and does a great job of showing things that are scary to children, like the beasts in Mr. Person’s bedroom. I would caution that preschool children could find some of the illustrations scary and may not understand the story. However, I encourage parents of children ages 5-8 to share What Does Mr. Person Fear? with your children. It is a unique story with an unexpected ending. It has a very encouraging message that could make for great discussion.

I enjoyed reading What Does Mr. Person Fear? by Patrick Lauser and give it a 5 star rating.

Cover Reveal for What Does Mr. Person Fear?”

“What Does Mr. Person Fear?”

A haunted house children’s book in Shakespearean Metre.
To be released next Friday!

Master Axel, a sturdy, steadfast rabbit, finds a terrified person named “Person” living in a house full of hideous horrors. Master Axel wonders which of the many monsters is the reason Mr. Person is so terrified, but it turns out to be more of a mystery than the exploratory rabbit expected…

Mr. Lauser also created the cover. Here is how he says he did it:

Everything on the cover is hand-drawn, including the text and the gradient around the edges (done with sponges). It’s just cleaned and arranged on the computer (to get the texture, the title is in fact zoomed in on tiny writing).

Patrick Lauser will be releasing his book trailer for this book tomorrow and I will either share it or a link to it here. I’m sure you won’t want to miss it.