A Double Couplet, I Suppose

My Help in Times of Trouble
by Kelly F. Barr

Fatigue creeps into my bones.
Weariness fills my heart.
The pain couldn’t be worse if he threw stones,
pelting every one of my body parts.

Hurt battles weariness for space
As confusion crowds my brain.
I’ve offered love from within my deepest place
As his lack of caring seems to grow unrestrained.

I’ve given, poured out, and given more
Only to face a slamming door.
I am stretched thin, completely worn down.
My weak smile met by his stubborn frown.

My longing for some complete solitude grows.
My husband doesn’t understand this, though.
My true introvert’s batteries need recharging
But I live in a world where others keep barging.

Oh how I long to be an unknown face in a crowd
Or someone wrapped within my personal blanket shroud;
Where their clawing hands and begging voices cannot beseech;
And where His strength recharges my innermost reaches.

He holds me close and dries my tears.
He speaks, “Have you forgotten I’m still here?”
He lifts me to my feet, kisses my forehead and smiles.
“Take my hand. I’ll walk with you across these difficult miles.”

Love for a Lifetime

As seasons change

And life grows colder;

As year after year

We get older;

Along the beach

We used to walk;

Of our thoughts and dreams

We used to talk.

From the nest

Our children have flown,

Leaving you and me

On our own.

Through quiet times

We walk together,

Still sharing the bond

Time has not severed.

You take my hand

And fan the spark

Of my love for you

Still strong in my heart.