Autumn’s Song

Autumn’s Song
by Kelly F. Barr

My feet crunch through the fallen leaves
As my eyes marvel at the colors of those clinging yet.
My hair blows softly in the gentle breeze
And the sky turns red and orange as the sun begins to set.

I love the air so fresh and crisp;
The taste of fresh pumpkin and apple treats.
From out of a neighbor’s chimney escapes a wisp.
Autumn gives my heart pleasure beats.

Power of Prayer and Faith

Power of Prayer and Faith
by Kelly F. Barr

God wants to hear us pray.
He listens to every word we say.
I think some prayers require time to deliberate;
That’s why He answers “Yes” or “No” or “Wait”.
He desires to hear our prayers, both big and small;
In time He answers them all.

So bow your head or bend your knee
Or simply pray thoughtfully.
Have faith and believe;
And an answer you’ll receive.

In your faith, stand firm and tall
And He will catch you if you fall.
Never forget when you feel alone,
The Lord, our God, is still on the throne.