The Great Austen Adventure by Tomi Tabb

As a Book Reviewer, this is my honest review of The Great Austen Adventure by Tomi Tabb. I was not required to write a positive, nor any review.

I have become a devoted fan of Tomi Tabb’s books as I have read her complete “Unexpected Royals” series. The Great Austen Adventure is Ms. Tabb’s lastest novel and the first in her “The Royals of Isola Nostrum” series, and though I have heard a lot about Jane Austen and her novels, I must confess I am not a Jane Austen fan. However, The Great Austen Adventure by Tomi Tabb drew me in right from the start.

Ms. Tabb has, once again, created endearing characters and put them in interesting predicaments that lead to a delightful sweet romance. In The Great Austen Adventure, Sabrina, a devoted Janeite loses her job after an accidental blunder while planning her vacation to attend the Jane Austen Festival. But she doesn’t let the loss of her job stop her from going on her planned, and long dreamed of, adventure.

Leaving family struggles and troubled relationships behind, she embarks on a European adventure.

What follows is an enjoyable story that includes adventure, mishaps, and a sweet romance. Both Sabrina and Lorenzo learn lessons that bring growth in their characters and change in their thinking and their lives as the story progresses. And, though there is a lot about Jane Austen’s books and characters included in this novel, I found it all interesting and fun to read, like all books by Tomi Tabb.

Tomi Tabb is a gifted writer who cleverly ties the world of Royals to the common folk. At least one character in every story has an interesting quirk which adds some delightful, sometimes humorous, scenes to the story.

If you’ve never read a Tomi Tabb novel, I highly recommend them. If you like delightful, sometimes humorous, clean, sweet romance stories, you are sure to become a Tomi Tabb fan, just as I have. After reading a Tomi Tabb novel, I always eagerly await the next one.