The Mighty Ocean: A Poem

The Mighty Ocean
by Kelly F. Barr

I watch the waves crash upon the sand
Just inches from where I stand.
In their wake, they leave debris;
And drag yet other things out to sea.

Memories tumble in my brain,
Like the waves upon the sandy grains,
Of a day when a wave fell upon my head
Dragging and pulling–filling me with dread.

I struggled to find my feet
But the water’s power couldn’t be beat.
Seeking help, my hands groped,
Finding a body–help, I hoped.

Finally I stood upright,
Still shaking from fright.
Your eyes looked at me in shock.
My composure shook and rocked.

Embarrassment sent me to the shore,
To return to the ocean nevermore.
Water filled with so much power
Brings me to awe and makes me cower.