Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit:

Sassafras wood boiled down to a kind of tea,
and tempered with an infusion of milk and
sugar hath to some a delicacy beyond the China

Charles Lamb


The Story of Brianna and Pete
by Kelly F. Barr

My tears fell like the drops of rain
That ruined my mood, my hair, my dress.
Handsome and debonair, his name was Zane;
He broke my heart as he left with Jess.

He’d asked me out upon that date;
I thought his interest in me was strong.
But one smile from Jess sealed his fate;
And as my tears fell, I fled the throng.

I ran blindly to that park bench
On which to perch and privately grieve.
Then the storm came and I got drenched.
Does my wounded soul deserve no reprieve?

“You left before I had the chance …”
A smooth, deep voice broke through my pain.
I looked into his green eyes — “A chance?”
“I hope Zane’s loss will become my gain.”

He clasped my hand, pulled me from my seat.
Took me in strong arms; we began to dance
Without any music or audible beat.
In his arms, my heart forgot its rants.

“Did you leave someone back there?”
He shook his head, his face close to mine.
From my face, he brushed strands of hair,
And in that rain, we lost track of time.

“You’re beautiful” were the words he breathed.
Then his lips touched mine, so soft and sweet.
I said, “I no longer feel quite so grieved.”
That’s how we became a couple – Brianna and Pete.