Unfettered Journey by Gary Bengier

Unfettered Journey by [Gary F. Bengier]

As a Book Reviewer, I received an ebook copy of Unfettered Journey by Gary Bengier free for my honest review.

Unfettered Journey by Gary Bengier is declared a speculative fiction story. However, I would consider it more of a literary fiction story.

In all honesty, I found the Unfettered Journey to be a very long book, and I didn’t really become engaged with the story until the final third, where the author wrote the bulk of the action and where my emotions also became engaged.

In the first two thirds of the book, the reader and Joe, the main character, spend a lot of time in Joe’s thoughts. Joe works with robots and spends a lot of time wondering if it’s possible to make AI more human-like. He talks with a lot of other techie people and the reader is fully immersed in technology, science, and philosophy. Eventually Joe meets Evie, a rebel, whom he becomes very involved with.

When Joe and Evie are banished from the world they know, they face new challenges. In their new environment, with their new challenges, I found the story more engaging, but still lacking in action.

Unfettered Journey is very well written, and, though it isn’t the type of story I usually read, I was interested in the characters enough to keep me reading, though not like “I couldn’t put it down”. Even the writing about technology was interesting to me. I was invested in Joe, and eventually Evie, enough to want to read the entire book. I highly recommend this book to those who really enjoy literary stories and technology, and I give Unfettered Journey four stars.