Dangerous Secrets (Mystery — Day 3)

Tara paced restlessly around Katie’s living room most of the morning, trying to figure out who would want to harm Jaime and what she was supposed to do now.  She felt like she needed to do something.  She couldn’t stand the waiting and not really knowing what she was waiting for.

Tara finally told Katie she was going to Jacobson Merger to see what was going on there.

Thirty minutes later, Tara walked into the reception area of Jaime’s office.  Mrs. Witters, Jaime’s receptionist was at her desk and their was a boy of about ten playing games on an electronic gadget sitting in the waiting area.

“Oh, Mrs. Richardson, I didn’t expect to see you.  I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Witters,” Tara noticed the video game noises had grown quiet.  “Can you give me some information?”

“Well, I’m not sure.  What kind of information are you looking for?”

“Who were the most recent clients that Jaime was working with?  Were there any who could be angry with him because things didn’t go the way they wanted with a business deal?”

“Mrs. Richardson, the police were here this morning asking those types of questions.  They are on top of the investigation into Mr. Richardson’s death.”

“I understand, but I don’t have any idea who would have wanted to harm my husband, and I can’t stand sitting around doing nothing.”  Tara began to cry.

Mrs. Witters offered Tara a tissue and a glass of water and led her to a chair to be seated.  Then she returned to her desk and informed someone, through the phone, that Tara Richardson was in the waiting area.  Tara noticed the young boy watching her and wondered why he seemed so interested.

Carl Jacobson suddenly entered the waiting area and approached Tara.  “Tara, dear, I’m so sorry, but you shouldn’t be here.  Can I call Natalie and have her take you to lunch or something?”

“Carl, I just want to understand what has happened.  Do you know who would do something like this to Jaime?”

“No, I really don’t, but we are giving the police department our full cooperation in this investigation.  Now, let me call Natalie.”

Carl walked to Mrs. Witters desk and picked up her phone.  In just a few seconds Tara could hear him say, “Natalie, Tara Richarson is here at the office.  Would you be a dear and come and take her to lunch?  Try and help her get her mind off of things for a while?  Thank you, love.  See you soon.”

The boy had returned to his video games, and Carl again approached Tara.  “Tara, Natalie is on her way.  She’ll take you to lunch and help take your mind off things for a while.  Why don’t you visit the powder room and freshen up?”

Tara did as requested, and when she was on her way back from the powder room, she saw a woman, with the boy who and been playing video games, speaking with Carl in hushed tones in the hallway.  She heard Carl tell her that she had nothing to worry about.  Everything would be taken care of.

She had just seated herself in the waiting area of Jaime’s office when Natalie breezed in, looking wealthy and beautiful as always.  She smiled at Tara and said, “Tara, so lovely to see you.  Let’s get out of this stuffy, old office and go somewhere beautiful for lunch, shall we?”

Tara simply arose from her seat and followed Natalie to the elevator.

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