Dangerous Secrets (Mystery – Day 7)

Allen drove home because Tara was still shaking.  “Do you know anything about this,” she asked.


“Do you believe there is another Mrs. Richardson, another wife to Jaime?”

“I really don’t know.  I would never have thought that my son would do something like that, but then I never thought he’d put his career above the important things in life either.”

They arrived at the house and found a large bouquet of beautiful yellow roses on the dining room table.  “Eva, where did these come from?”

“A flower delivery truck brought them not long after you two left.  There’s no card. How did things go at the coroner’s office?”

“Eva, you’d better sit down,”  Allen instructed.

Eva took a seat in the sitting room, an anxious look on her face.  “What’s happened?” she asked.

“It seems that our son may have been leading a double life or something.”

“What?  What do you mean?”

“When we went to make the arrangements at the coroner’s office, we were told that a woman claiming to be Mrs. Richardson had already claimed the body.”

“Well, there must be some mistake.  Tara is Jaime’s wife.”

“Yes, well, it seems we have some investigating to do.  I’m certainly not going to rest until we get to the bottom of this.”

Tara noticed the mail on the table just inside the sitting room.  She picked it up and glanced through it.  An envelope addressed to her caught her eye and she opened it.  As she read, she felt herself grow cold.  This had to be some kind of a joke.  What else could possibly happen?  The past two days had been nothing but nightmares.  When would the nightmares end?

Allen noticed Tara’s concerned expression.  He also noticed that she had grown quite pale.  “Tara, are you all right?  What have you got there?”

Tara couldn’t answer.  She simply handed the letter to Allen and wrapped her arms around herself, trying to find some warmth.

Allen read the letter and said, “I think we need to call the police.”

Twenty minutes later, Sergeant Ken Olsen was, once again, seated at the little kitchen table with Tara, but this time, Allen and Eva were also present.  Allen handed the letter to Sergeant Olsen, who wore a glove on the hand that held the letter.  He didn’t want to add anymore fingerprints to the paper, if there was any chance that whoever had sent it, had left any prints to find.  He read:

Dear Tara,

I have dreamed of you for years, but I would not interfere with a marriage.  I watched as Jaime Richardson neglected you.  He didn’t appreciate what a special woman you are.  I, however, am fully aware of how special you are and how you deserve to be treated.  Now that Jaime is gone, I hope that you will agree to get to know me and to allow me to show you how much I will cherish you.

I hope you have received the yellow roses before receiving this note.  Just a small token of my appreciation for you and your beauty.  Your smile lights up a room and that is why I chose yellow; yellow like light.  I hope you will enjoy their beauty and their delicate fragrance.

You may not remember me, but we met at a dinner party four years ago.  I spoke with you and you told me about your painting.  You were delightful and I have relished that memory.

Hopefully Yours,

Trenton Davis

“Mrs. Richardson, do you know this Trenton Davis?”

“No, Sergeant Olsen, I do not.  I don’t even remember him from the dinner party, but I vaguely remember attending the dinner party and speaking with a gentleman about my painting, but I cannot recall what he looks like.”

“Sergeant Olsen, do you think he could be Jaime’s killer,” Allen asked, and he heard Tara’s sharp intake of breath.

“Well, he certainly offers us a suspect.  I will be looking into it immediately after leaving here.”

“Will you bring him in for questioning?”

“Not right away.  There are steps that need to be taken to attempt to discover evidence before bringing him in for questioning because we don’t want him to know that we suspect him and cause him to destroy evidence or do something that would prevent us from proving his guilt, if he is, indeed, guilty.”

“We also have another issue to ask you about, Sergeant Olsen,” said Allen.

“What is it?”

“Do you know anything about another Mrs. Richardson?”


“Another woman claiming to be Jaime’s wife?  When Tara and I went to the coroner’s office this morning, Jaime’s body had already been claimed by a woman who claimed to be Mrs. Richardson.”

“I wasn’t certain, but I did have a suspicion.”

“Why?  What do you know?”

Sergeant Olsen looked at Tara, “Are you sure you want to hear this?”

“Yes, I need some answers.  My life has completely unraveled during the past two days and I feel so lost.  Some answers would be helpful in clearing up some of these issues.”

“Okay.  Well, when I went to Jacobson Mergers first thing the morning after Mr. Richardson died, I was surprised to see another woman there already questioning Carl Jacobson about Mr. Richardson.  Mr. Jacobson tried to tell me that she was a sister to Mr. Richardson, but something just didn’t seem to connect.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, she seemed extremely distraught and concerned about money from what I overheard before Mr. Jacobson realized I was standing there.  Does Mr. Richardson have any siblings?”

“No, he was an only child.”

“Well, it seems we have a lot of questions we need answers to.  I will get right on these issues.  In the meantime, Mrs. Richardson, I suggest that you be careful whenever you go out, and I am glad to know that you have your in-laws staying with you.  I really don’t like the fact that Trenton Davis seems to be pursuing you.  And, if he is only guilty of being completely smitten with you, his timing couldn’t be worse.”

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