Dangerous Secrets (Mystery — Day 24)

Tara paid another visit to Trenton Davis on Thursday morning.  She requested another check and asked if he could help her set up a separate checking account with a debit card for the business.  Of course, he was delighted to see her and help in any way he could.  He asked if she had decided on a name for the business, as that would be necessary to set up the account.  “Fanciful Flavors Cafe.  I will be serving teas, coffees, sandwiches, salads, quiches, and pastries, pies and other baked items.  Most of the foods will be my own original creations.  Our regular hours will be from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.  I will offer party packages, as well, for birthdays, baby and bridal showers.  Evenings will be for special events that I choose to do or for the parties.”

Trenton thought this cafe idea was exactly what Tara needed.  She was so excited about opening this business, that she was smiling and her eyes were shining.  Her skin also had a healthier glow than it had several weeks before.  He was counting down the days until he could approach her again about spending time with her.  It was hard to be patient.

Trenton helped set everything up for Tara, knowing that it meant she wouldn’t need to be coming into his office to see him as often, in regard to her business.  He walked her to his office door, kissed her hand again, and wondered if she noticed the disappointment in his eyes.

Friday, Tara spent most of the day on the computer, finding the best equipment at the most reasonable prices for the cafe.  When she was satisfied with a find, she called the company, placed the order and asked for delivery and installation for Monday.  By the end of the day, she was certain that she had ordered all of the equipment she would need for the kitchen and office.

Tara decided to go into the city on Saturday.  She visited a furniture store and picked out tables and chairs for inside the cafe, as well as about six tables with umbrellas for outside.  She was very happy with her choices.  She also visited a large department store where she found curtains.

Tara attended church on Sunday morning, and Katie and Marvin invited her to join them for lunch.  She told them all about the things she had done over the previous two days to prepare for her cafe opening.

She reminded Katie of an eager child on Christmas morning.  Katie was happy to see Tara smiling and full of life again.


Monday morning arrived and Tara arrived at the cafe at seven thirty.  At eight, the first shipment arrived.  It was the office equipment.  In no time at all, the two deliverymen had her office desk and chair in place and her computer set up.

Next, came the man from the phone company.  He installed a phone in her office and one in the main part of the cafe and made sure they were both in working order before he left.  Then the kitchen and counter people arrived.  Three men installed the stove and ovens and the dishwasher, while two others built the counter.  The kitchen and counter people left at lunch time, and Tara went to Pepe’s, the pizza place, and purchased two slices of spinach, tomato, and feta pizza and a Coke.  She returned to her cafe just as the display cases arrived.  Two men installed them and were finished in an hour.

Around two o’clock, some men came to install the kitchen sink and  the furniture arrived.  Tara had the delivery men place the tables and chairs in the places she wanted, both inside and out.  Then she hung the curtains.  She was very happy with the look of the cafe.  It was painted sunshine yellow with white trim and the curtains she had purchased were gold.  The tables and chairs were sturdy oak and the outdoor tables and chairs were wrought-iron painted white.

Tara walked around and placed three of her paintings on the cafe walls.  One was a painting of two ladies having tea in a garden in early morning sunlight, one was a painting of a table filled with tasty looking foods and lit by two candelabras, and the third was of a Chinese man driving a becak, a peddle-driven bicycle that pulls a cart, with a lady dressed in lace and wearing a fancy hat in the cart.

In the office, she hung the pictures she had painted of Jaime and Hunter.  She took a last look around, sighed and locked up the cafe around four.  Then she went to the newspaper office, where she placed a “Help Wanted” ad as well as a “Grand Opening” ad for the Monday two weeks away.

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