Why Do I Write?

I have loved books ever since I learned to read.  I have always been a voracious reader and just love good stories.  When I was in school, a couple of my teachers encouraged my writing, after I handed in writing assignments.  I remember my seventh grade English teacher telling my mother to encourage my writing.  She said I had a talent.  So, I began writing stories.

I have written many stories that I have not shared with many people.  I have also taken two correspondence writing courses in the past and continue to read about writing, as well as continually reading the type of books that I would like to write.

As a homeschool mom, I teach my children the importance of writing well and encourage them to read and write.  My oldest son has a strong love of reading and writing and has had his writing praised by many people.  He has even done some writing for others and has done a couple of public speaking events, and he wrote his own speeches.  He has encouraged me to return to my writing because he said, “Mom, you taught me to write, so my writing talent has grown and flourished because of what you taught me, so you have a talent as well.”

I enjoy writing, and sometimes I just feel that if I don’t write, I will burst.  Therefore, I write because I enjoy it and because I feel a need to write.  Now, I also write because I want to share my writing with others and hope they will find enjoyment, adventure and/or excitement in my writing.  I hope that readers can relate to my characters or that my characters can teach, inspire or give hope to my readers.  I write for my own pleasure, and hope that others will find pleasure in reading my writing too.  I write in hopes of providing clean entertainment filled with hope in a world where so much of what is out there is filled with inappropriate language, indecent scenes, hopelessness and despair.  I think we have enough of that stuff in the real world and see it or hear it daily in the news, so I think we need a respite from all of that and hope that my readers will find that respite in my writing.

Why do you write?

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