In His Sandals


This is a photo of a book that is a great tool for practicing writing or for teaching the tools of writing.  You can find out more about it or purchase it here.  I used it with my oldest son and now my other two sons have done a similar writing assignment for their Writers’ Club.

We attended their Writers’ Club last Friday and each of the eight students took turns reading, what their teacher called, their “In His Sandals” assignment.  There are eight students in the class, and the teacher had asked them to choose a story from the Bible and choose a character to be in the story.  Then they were to write the story, creatively, from their character’s perspective.  It was so much fun to hear their stories.  They all did a great job and they all chose a different Bible story to write.

My middle son chose to write about the fall in the Garden of Eden, and he chose to be the serpent and to tell the story from the serpent’s point of view.  Another student commented that she would never have thought to write from an evil character’s perspective.  My son did a good job and read it quite well also.

My youngest son chose to write about Noah’s Ark, and  he chose to be the dove that Noah sends out to see if the waters have receded.  He didn’t enjoy writing the story and found it challenging, but with a little help from Mom, he finally completed a decent story, and when he read it at Writers’ Club and heard the stories of the other students, he really enjoyed it.  I’m hoping that was a turning point for him and that he will look forward to his writing assignments now.

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  1. Hey! So, because I think your blog is awesome, I’ve nominated you for a Leibster Award! I did a post about the whole thing earlier today, which I’ve included at the bottom for more info and details and all that jazz about it, but just know that there are absolutely no strings attached and you can accept or not accept if you want. It’s just a nice little way of expressing my appreciation as a reader for your blog 🙂


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