The Keynote Speaker

At Saturday’s writers’ conference, Marlene Bagnull was the keynote speaker who opened for the conference.


Marlene shared many wonderful Bible verses that a writer can cling to for encouragement.  She wrote this wonderful book, which I purchased and she autographed, and I can’t wait to dig into it.

She suggested that a writer pray for his/her writing every morning.

She shared how her first book was out six years to forty-two different publishers before it finally was published.  She said, “If you believe God called you to write, don’t give up!”

She said there is a quote: “It takes 1,000 rejection slips to become a professional writer.”  (I’m not sure I have enough time for this.)

She asked, “If you knew Christ was coming back this week, what manuscript would you like to lay at is feet?”

Great things to think about.  The best possible direction — focus on Christ.

If you like this post, be sure to check out Marlene Bagnull’s blog:

I have three more posts to cover the writers’ conference, as I will post on each of the authors whose workshops I attended.

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