Sisterhood Bloggers Award

I have recently been nominated for a few blogger awards by my friend, Donna Smith.  So today, I will post about one of them.


First of all, I want to say “Thank you” to Donna Smith for nominating me.  You can visit Donna’s blog at here.    The rules for this award are as follows:  1)Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.  2) Put the award logo on your blog.  3) Answer the 10 questions sent to you.  4) Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer, and  5) Nominate 5 blogs.

The following ten questions are mine to answer:

1)  What are you currently reading?  I am reading two books right now — To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, which I have read twice before, and River’s Edge, part of the Cape Refuge series, by Terri Blackstock.

2)  Are you doing what you love?  Yes, I homeschool two of my three children (one has already graduated from our homeschool), and I am writing — nonfiction, fiction, poetry and this blog, as well as two other blogs when I have time and a good post idea.

3)  What is your favorite movie and why?  I have several favorite movies, but one that I like to watch over and over was a T.V. movie starring Rikki Lake before she lost weight, called Baby Cakes.  I like the movie because I can really relate to the main character.

4)  What was your first job?  Well, aside from babysitting, my first “real” job was working part-time at a K-Mart store.  I began working there as a senior in high school and worked there for a total of five years.

5)  If you could be anyone else, who would you be and why?  I don’t really like this question because I am fairly happy as me and believe that I am who God means for me to be, but if I had to choose someone, I suppose it would be someone like Jody Hedlund who is a Christian, who homeschools her children, who is successfully publishing good books and writing on a personal and a group blog, and who gets to travel to interesting places to do research for her books.

6)  Do you think blog awards have too many questions?  No, I don’t mind answering the questions I find on blog awards.  I think it’s a fun way to share some things about myself to allow my readers to get to know me a little better.

7)  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?  I would change the fact that I procrastinate about my writing.  It’s very strange because I feel driven to write and I have several good ideas for stories, but I allow my self-confidence to stand in my way.  I lost self-confidence in my writing a long time ago because of some hurtful things that were said to me, and that prevented me from writing for a long time.  I have just begun writing again a little over a year ago but because I have submitted pieces and haven’t had success in publishing anything yet, and that causes my self-confidence to falter, and then, though I tell myself I NEED to write, I find excuses not to.

8)  What is your favorite thing about yourself?  I would say my mental and emotional strength.  I don’t let anything get me down for too long, and I have always been able to do what I felt I needed to do in any given circumstance in my life so far.

9)  How long have you blogged?  I have only been blogging on this blog close to two years, but I started blogging a little over six years ago.

10) What is your favorite hobby?  I love to read!

Now, I won’t nominate five bloggers for this award because I do not like to make anyone feel pressured to do something they may not enjoy doing.  Therefore I will simply leave an open invitation here for any of you who read my blog to feel free to consider yourself nominated, if this is something you would enjoy doing.  If you decide to post this on your blog and answer the following ten questions, please leave a comment and let me know so that I can read your Sisterhood Blogger Award post too.

My ten questions for anyone who would like to do this:

1)  Who is your favorite author and why?

2) When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up, and is that what you are?

3) Do you read everyday?

4) What was the worst job you ever had?

5) If you could be a character from a story, who would you be and why?

6) Do you enjoy receiving blog awards?

7) What is the first thing you notice about someone the first time you meet them?

8) Who is your favorite super hero and why?

9) How long have you blogged?

10) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Next Monday I will be posting a book review, and hopefully, my new surprise posting will begin next week as well. Keep watching for it!

2 thoughts on “Sisterhood Bloggers Award

  1. I have never read To Kill A Mockingbird, but I’ve seen the movie many times. I’ve already told you how much I liked Terri Blackstock’s Cape Refuge series. 🙂 Thanks for doing this, Kelly. I think it’s supposed to help us get better acquainted as bloggers and to honor each other. And I think that most of those I nominate to pass it along never follow through. It doesn’t matter. I kinda like it and I appreciate the one who nominates me. And I appreciate you for following through on the Sisterhood Award. 🙂


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