Let’s Talk About eBooks

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I finally read an eBook that didn’t distract and frustrate me with lots of typos and grammatical errors and such.  That has made me think about something someone mentioned to me not too long ago when I was talking about the frustration of eBooks.

“Maybe something happens to them when they are converted to the eBook format and the author neglects to read it in the eBook format and, therefore, misses those errors,” suggested someone.

Now that I’ve read one that was almost error free, I have to wonder if that someone is on to something.  Therefore, I know that if I ever decide to publish an eBook, I will be sure to read it after it is converted to eBook format and hope to be able to catch and correct any errors caused by the formatting process before publishing.  I hope other writers will do the same.

What about you?  Have you published an eBook?  Do you know if it’s a formatting problem?

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