Making Adjustments

In the past week, I, and some of my friends have found that some of the things that we do, need some adjustments.

First, the small homeschool group we created is going great and everyone loves it, but we need to do some tweaking because we always run out of time on at least one project.

Second, our Thursday evening writing group.  There has been way to much social talking and not enough writing, so many of us go home frustrated and angry because we didn’t accomplish what we wanted to accomplish, and for most of us, Thursday evening is often the only chance we have to write during the week because of other family obligations.  (We are all homeschool moms).  So, we have found it necessary to draw up a few basic rules and guidelines.  We also decided to add a monthly social night for our writing group, where we can spend an entire evening talking about all things writing!

Therefore, I have found that just as my writing needs editing and revision, so do some of my activities.    🙂

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