So Much is Happening!

Wow!  There are just so many things happening in my writing life right now!

First, and update of what’s been transpiring between the publisher I met at the conference and myself:  the Wednesday after the conference I received an email from her asking for my first three chapters.  I submitted them to her and Thursday I received an email saying she wants to publish my book if I haven’t already committed to publish with someone else!

However, I wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted to do.  I needed more time, plus there is a contest I want to enter the story in, and the deadline is November 30th.  So, I asked the publisher if I could get back to her after the new year, and I was honest and up front about wanting to enter the contest.  She was very kind and agreed.  I am quite impressed with this publisher and am still praying for God’s guidance.

So, right now I am working hard to finish the story to submit before the contest deadline!

Meanwhile, I have another story niggling at the back of my brain that is itching to come out, so I am anxious to finish my current story and move on to the next one, which I have at least two, possibly three additional story ideas to make this a series.  I’ve written the ideas and a few other notes down to be sure I don’t forget anything.

Finally, the writing group I told you that I meet with on Thursdays, just added a new member to the group who is a professional editor!  I love sitting back, watching God move in my writing life, and just enjoying the ride!  I fully trust Him to guide me and my writing to wherever He wants us to go.

So, what exciting things are happening in your writing life?

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