The Stone of Ebenezer by Susan Van Volkenburgh

I received a copy of this  book free from BookLook Blogger to review.

Nagad’s life was perfect until torn apart by war. Now, haunted by his past, this young conscript must face the enemy in battle. As nations collide in a fierce conflict for dominance, more is at stake than the survival of a race. The outcome will prove whose god reigns omnipotent. In this vivid, accurate account of biblical events, Nagad’s people must endure treacherous journeys, bloody battles, and God’s judgment in their quest for ultimate victory.

The Stone of Ebenezer by Susan Van Volkenburgh is an historical, Biblical fiction story.  Susan did an excellent job of writing the story true to scripture and simply adding some specific characters that the reader can care about and cheer for.  She did an excellent job with her setting and keeping the real Biblical characters true to form.

I enjoyed reading how some characters recognized the actions of the one true God and others could not see until they were facing fear of death, and even then, some could not see.

I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical, Biblical fiction.  I would like to read the next book of the series when Susan releases it.

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