Inspirational Reflections by Ian J. Roberts

I received a free copy of this eBook to write a review for BookLook Blogger.

Inspirational Reflections by Ian J. Roberts is a short book of poems and songs about faith in God and our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.  These writings could be used as daily devotionals.  They are good to reflect upon.

Ian J. Roberts did a fairly good job with these poems and songs, though I thought some of the poems rhyme schemes were sometimes off and the syllable structure seemed a bit awkward in some of them.  The theme throughout the book was a bit repetitious as well, but it was clear that these were words of praise and glory to the Heavenly Father.  The writings have deep meaning and are worth thinking, meditating and reflecting upon.

Though I wish Mr. Roberts would have included other truths and themes from the Bible, his writings were inspiring.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is seeking meaning in their life, anyone who enjoys having something additional to include with their daily Bible reading, anyone who would like to reflect on the power and glory of God.

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