My Crazy Life

I began a post for Wordless Wednesday yesterday but before I could get it up the major thunderstorm we were having knocked out our electricity which knocked out my wifi.  What a bummer!

Today I have no specific theme, so you get to read my ramblings.  Ha ha!  I’ll try to be brief and make sense.

For those who don’t know, I homeschool my children.  My oldest graduated our homeschool almost four years ago, took some time off and is now attending college.  This is his freshman year.  He is an hour-and-a-half away and doesn’t drive or have a car.  Tomorrow my other two sons and I will be picking him up.  He’ll be here for about a week!

My second son will graduate our homeschool this year and he wants to go to a two (possibly three) year Bible school that is ten hours away!

My youngest will begin middle school next year.

All of that to say that as homeschoolers we’ve been extremely busy.  We’ve been involved in co-ops, sports, music lessons, a writers’ club, and, this year, a Literature discussion group.

Almost two weeks ago, my van died, and so now we are down to one vehicle, and it looks as though we will be for at least a year.  Ordinarily I would have freaked out about this, but I have really been feeling a need to scale things back and not be so busy.  I’m looking forward to a much simpler life for a while.  Therefore, today was our last time at the Literature discussion group.  Monday will be our last day at our small co-op.  Tomorrow night is the final basketball game.

This will give me some more time to enjoy schooling our youngest son before he gets to the busy teen years.  Hopefully, it will also allow me more time to do a lot more writing, and hopefully finally get into a set schedule for my writing that I will be able to stick to.

* * * *

Now, for some writing talk.  This Saturday, I will be attending a small Winter Writers’ Retreat.  It will include Creative exercises, which I will be leading.  I am excited about it, but was at first found the idea quite daunting.  I found some great resources online that I think will be a lot of fun and help us with some of the more common items that writers sometimes struggle with.

There will also be a Brainstorming session, Critique time and free writing time.  I am hoping it will give me a boost as I have been struggling with my current story, which I was originally so excited about.


One thought on “My Crazy Life

  1. Nice post Kelly. We’re going to have a great day on Saturday! The brainstorming session will be helpful to your story. I was parting a brainstorming session at Ridgecrest last October for my 2nd novel. I took detailed notes so I can remember whenever I get around to writing it. Our session is based on what I remember from that one. I even checked it with DiAnn Mills to see what she thought. She liked it. It will be good to see you on Saturday. 🙂


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