Flash Fiction Friday: For the Love of a Viking

“What kinds of things do you dream about, Samara?”

“I don’t dream.  Dreams are a waste of time for people like us.”

“I dream.  I dream of a man falling in love with me and taking me away from this place some day.  A man in whose arms I will feel safe.  A man whose kisses will send electrical currents pulsing through me.”

“You are crazy.  The only men that would ever love you or me wouldn’t have the ability to take us from this place.  They would be of this place too.  No one from outside notices the likes of us, Maisy, and the sooner you accept that the better off you’ll be.”

“But what of Gunnar?  I’ve seen the way he looks at you, Samara.  I think he would like to take you away from here.”

“Gunnar is a Viking.  The only thing he wants with me is to take me to his bed.  Vikings use women like us.  They do not love women like us.”

Maisy hung her head and grew quiet.

Samara looked at Maisy.  When Maisy raised her head again, Samara could see tears glistening in her eyes.

“What is it, Maisy?  Has something happened?”

“I have been in Eskil’s bed.  He told me he loves me.  I am with child.  Do you really think Eskil will leave me behind when his ship sails again?”

“Oh Maisy, I’m so sorry.  Forget about my pessimistic rantings.  I am a bitter woman, but you, you are like a soft flower.  I’m sure that if Eskil said he loves you,  tis true.  Surely he will not leave you when he knows you carry his child.”

Samara hoped she was right as she saw relief wash over Maisy’s face, but Samara didn’t trust any man, least of all a Viking.

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