Flash Fiction Friday: Knight’s Savior

The air was hot and dusty.  The sounds of clinking metal could be heard a mile away.  The knight with the oak tree upon its shield blocked the sword of the attacking knight.  The Oak Tree knight shoved the attacking knight backward, took a moment to look around.  The ground was littered with the wounded and the dead.  Not many remained standing, fighting.

The other knight attacked again.  The Oak Tree knight raised its shield and thrust the sword, striking the attacking knight in the abdomen.  The attacking knight fell, did not rise again.

The Oak Tree Knight walked a few paces then dropped to its knees, hung its head.  Two large feet appeared in its sight.  Two large hands lifted the helmet freeing the sweaty, golden, shoulder length curls, lifted the knight into his arms, carried the knight home.

He continued to hold the knight in his arms while she cried.  After a few minutes, he wiped away the tears, gently kissed her cheek.  “Do not fret.  I am always with you.”

She felt the burden lift from her shoulders.  She smiled into those forever deeply loving eyes.

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