Flash Fiction Friday: Loyal Protector

Gentry stood with his nose in the air.  A strange scent wafted through the window.  His muscles tensed.  The hair on his back stood at attention.  He sensed danger approaching.  He whined and pushed at his mistress.

“What is it Gentry?”

He barked. His mistress’s eyes grew bigger.  He was normally very quiet.  He sensed her fear.  He pushed her with his nose again.  She grabbed her little boy, went to the basement where she listened and waited.

Gentry returned to the main floor against his mistress’s protests.

Bang!  The front door burst open.  Gentry bared his teeth, growling.  Two large humans approached.  Gentry sensed something strange about them, something almost inhuman.  He barked a warning, but the humans didn’t stop.

Gentry lunged at the biggest one biting him in the arm.  The man yelled, slammed Gentry along side the head with his free hand.  Gentry yelped, let go and moved around behind the man.  He took a quick bite of the guy’s leg, moved toward the other guy who was backing toward the door.

“Nice doggie, n, n, nice doggie.”

Gentry again bared his teeth, growling.  The man backed out the door, then turned and ran.  The large man, cradling his arm, limped toward the door.

“This isn’t over!  I’ll be back.  I’ll kill this dog.  Then I’ll find you,” he yelled loudly, his voice echoing throughout the house.

He kicked Gentry into the air.  Gentry came down with a thud and a yelp.  The guy left.

Gentry lay quietly trying to regain his breath.

Finally he rose and walked to the basement where his mistress and her son wrapped their arms around him weeping.

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