Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday list as per The Broke and the Bookish is “Ten Books I Picked up on a Whim”.  Therefore the following list is a list of books I picked up at a bookstore, yard sale or used bookstore, without prior knowledge of the book, just because the book jacket print made me want to read it or because I found the cover very intriguing.  However, I rarely pick up a book solely based on the book cover, even on a whim.


I found this book on the Bargain Book rack in a book store.  I was intrigued by both the cover and the back cover print.  It sounded like a strange and unusual story, which it did, indeed, turn out to be.  It also is the first book in a trilogy.  I liked this story, but it wasn’t a favorite, and I’m not sure that I will read the next two books in the trilogy.


I found this book at a used book store, and I loved Raggedy Ann as a little girl, so I bought this book on a whim based on some favorite memories.  I have not read it yet.


I purchased this book at a yard sale.  The front cover print above the title reads “The Forgotten Story of One of the Most Influential Figures in American Music”.  That intrigued me.  So, a rarity for me, I based my decision to purchase this book solely on the words on the front cover.  It is still on my To Be Read list, and I may read it with my youngest son this year for school for part of his music education.

4.      and 5.  

I purchased these two books just because I recognized the author’s name as someone I connected with on Facebook.  I do not know Alice J. Wisler.  I only know of her from what little I have seen her post on Facebook.  These books are also still on my TBR list.


I bought this book at a used book store because of the front cover and the fact that I have always had a soft spot for teddy bears.


I purchased this book simply based on the author’s name.  I was sure that I had read a book some time ago that was also written by Patricia Sprinkle and was sure that I had liked it, and that was why I bought this book.  Still on my TBR list.


I purchased this book at a bargain book store because it is a light mystery.  It is part of a series called “A Seaside Knitters Mystery” and I have always enjoyed a good mystery.  Many of my favorites are light and charming mysteries solved by unusual characters, not detectives.  This book is also still on my TBR list.


I purchased this book at a bargain book store because of the title and the fact that it says at the top of the cover that it is “A Novel of Ireland”.  As a writer, I am always interested in stories, fiction and nonfiction, about storytellers or writer/authors.  I also have come to love stories of Ireland after reading several of Maeve Binchey’s wonderful novels.  This is also still on my TBR list.


This one was also published at a bargain book store, and of course, because it is a fictional story about writers.  This book also remains on my never ending TBR list.

I thought this list would be difficult to put together.  I didn’t think I picked up many books on a whim, but when I started digging through my books, I found out that I do a lot more purchasing books on a whim, if they are bargain priced, than I thought.  Of course, what do you expect from a bookaholic?    😀

How about you?  Do you purchase books on a whim?

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