Top Ten Tuesday

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday as suggested by The Broke and the Bookish is Ten Facts About Me, any kind of facts about me that I want to share.  I have decided to share Ten Facts About Me as a Blogger:

  1.  I began blogging just about eight years ago.
  2. My first blog was a blog where I shared about family activities and homeschooling.
  3. My second blog was all about homeschooling (this blog is still live at Blogspot.  It’s called Homeschool View.)
  4. My third blog, I attempted and failed miserably, was about being a Type 2 Diabetic.
  5. This is my fourth blog, and I believe, my final blog because it is about the things I love most: writing and reading, so I love writing and sharing on this blog.  Yes, I also share some of my photography, but that’s a hobby.  This blog has undergone changes a couple of times as I wanted to blog often enough in a week that people wouldn’t lose interest, and I think I have finally succeeded by posting five days a week — Monday through Friday.  Also, I was hoping to create blog posts that others would enjoy reading or viewing so that they would want to come back.  There is a possibility that this blog will undergo future changes as I seek to post things my readers want.
  6. I am hoping that I will be able to grow followers on this blog who will be interested in reading my novels when I begin to publish them.  So, if you’re a historical romance fan or know someone who is, I hope you will consider following my blog and tell your historical romance fan friends about it.
  7. As I get closer to time of publication, I will share some things about the historical period of my novel, something about the characters, and some other goodies to tempt you to read my novel.
  8. I love when visitors to my blog leave comments.  I like when you share your thoughts and experiences.  I like to get to know my readers this way.
  9. I do my best to read other blogs that have to do with reading and/or writing and leave comments when I do to let them know I was there.
  10. I like to connect with other bloggers with similar interests and would love to help other writers who blog by having guest posts here on my blog or doing guest posts for other writers’ blogs.  If this interests you, leave a comment or message me on Facebook and we can set something up.


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