Flash Fiction Friday: Another Heart Broken

The door groaned and the floorboards creaked under Toby’s weight. Angela clung so close to him, he could feel her breath on his neck. “Isn’t this trespassing?” She whispered into his ear.

“This old house has been abandoned for years.” His voice echoed in the large foyer. “Realtors haven’t been able to sell it.” He gazed into her large chocolate brown eyes.

“Because the real estate market hasn’t been real good since the last recession.”

“Because it’s haunted.” He searched her face for a reaction.

She frowned. “Oh, come on. You don’t really believe in haunted houses, do you?”

“Don’t you?”

At that moment, footsteps sounded on the upstairs floor.

“Maybe we should go.” Angela turned toward the door.

Toby slid his arm around her waist and drew her close. “I thought you don’t believe in haunted houses.” The corners of his mouth hitched upward just a bit.

The door slammed shut. Angela’s body jerked in Toby’s arms. The sound of scratching came from a windowpane in the next room. Toby could feel Angela’s heart thumping against his chest.

“I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation for these noises.”

“Are you trying to convince me or yourself?” Toby nuzzled her ear and placed a kiss on her jawbone. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll protect you.”

He made a trail of soft, warm kisses down her neck.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, then Toby’s mouth claimed hers and for a moment she was lost in the desire that welled up within her.

When the kiss ended, Angela’s knees were weak. Toby took her hand and started toward the other room. Angela looked at the folded blankets under his arm and realization struck her. She stood still.

“What’s wrong?” Toby reached to brush the backs of his fingers down her cheek.

“I don’t want to do this.”

“That’s not what your lips and body told me just a moment ago.” He leaned to kiss her again, but she placed her hands firmly on his chest, keeping him at arm’s length.

“We’ve talked about this before. You agreed to wait until we’re married.”

“I know, but I can’t wait any longer. I’ll be leaving for college at the end of the summer and you have one more year of high school.”

“Yeah, and what will happen when you’re at college away from me?”

He flashed his irresistible grin. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

“Or college babes start flirting and the heart forgets.”

A hint of anger shone in his eyes. “Oh come on Angie. This isn’t the dark ages.”

The sting of tears threatened at the back of her eyes. “I gotta go.”

She turned.

“If you walk out that door, we’re through.”

She spun around, her chestnut waves becoming airborne before settling on her shoulders. Her eyes flashed. “Then this was your goal all along. I really thought you were different than the other guys. I’m sorry you aren’t what you said you were. Have a nice life.”

She ran out the door and down the block, slowing only as the tears blurred her vision so much she could barely see.

Were there no virtuous men left in the world?



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