A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem
by Kelly F. Barr

Difficulty finding a place to park;
Endless checkout lines.
Not sure my purchases will hit the mark.
Surrounded by tired children who begin to whine.

Wait! Slow down! I have to stop!
This picture’s all wrong.
On a bench outside, I flop
As I hear a beautiful song.

Then a child takes my hand
And leads me down the block
Until, before a church I stand
Where I see shepherds with their flocks.

There are animals in a stable,
Three wise men on bended knee.
This is it! No, it’s not a fable.
But the truth that sets men free.

Mary, Joseph and the babe – most precious gift.
I bow before this sight, by many unseen,
And here my spirit lifts.
This babe, Jesus; He’s what Christmas really means.

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