A Note About Flash Fiction Friday

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate those of you who come and read my posts and “like” posts or leave comments. I apologize that I have not written a Flash Fiction post for today, but I am taking some time to read some Flash Fiction and to read some information about writing Flash Fiction in an attempt to improve my Flash Fiction posts.

In addition, I need to come up with some ideas for some Flash Fiction posts. I seem to have a writer’s block in this area currently. However, I hope to have a new and improved Flash Fiction Friday post here next week.

If you have any suggestions for my Flash Fiction posts, please feel free to put them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “A Note About Flash Fiction Friday

  1. Ask your children! 🙂 Seriously! Whenever I can’t think of a story, I’ll ask Gabby what she’d want to read, or of a ‘What if’ situation she can come up with. I’ve gotten some great stories out of the minds of my own children! 🙂


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