What is a Book Launch and Why Should You Have One?

Last Monday I posted about traditional vs. indie publishing. (By the way, I forgot to mention in that post, that indie publishing earn 70-80% of their sales.)

In that post, I mentioned book launches and promised to post about that topic this week.

What is a Book Launch?

A Book Launch is a way to introduce your new book to friends, relatives, and others who may be interested in your book. There are several ways to hold a Book Launch, but the two most popular are an in-person party or online, or you can do both.

Steps for a Book Launch

  1. Send invitations — through snail mail and email for an in-person party and through email and Facebook for an online party. It’s good to have an email system set up that you will be using to send frequent emails to your readers about your books and personal appearances, etc. for this. However, you may want to personalize invitations to those you know well, like friends and family, and those you can send from your personal email. Each invitation should include an invitation for them to sign up for your email list.
  2. For an in-person Book Launchvparty, purchase decorations, create a poster for the event and purchase and serve refreshments, using a theme that goes with your book. Have door prizes and/or hand out goodie bags to each guest.
  3. For an online Facebook Book Launch party, come up with a few good discussion questions and set up some prizes for participation.
  4. Another great idea is to do a blog tour, which consists of you asking other bloggers if you could do a guest post or an author interview on their blog. You can also ask to read and post about your book.
  5. It’s also good to contact local newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations and give them a press release and press kit about your in-person Book Launch event. You can have your in-person Book Launch party in a local independent book store or Barnes & Noble, or at a library or in your home or a rented space.
  6. The most important thing is to have fun with this! Also, Book Launch parties aren’t just for your first book. Every book you write and publish deserves it’s own Launch party.

Why should you have a Book Launch party? Because it will get you and your book some recognition, grow your readership, get people excited about your book, help get the word out about you and your book(s).

I haven’t had a Book Launch party yet, but I look forward to having one form my first book. I found this information about book launches on websites, blogs and in a book about marketing.


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