Express for Home (Blitz Poem)

I’ve heard Blitz Poems that were written by young adults. I can’t say they’re a favorite type of poetry to me. Usually, they seem so random. So, I challenged myself to write one because I found the rules/pattern challenging, and because I wanted to see if I could stick with a theme the whole way through the poem.

Therefore, I wrote this Blitz Poem keeping the novel I am writing in mind. Though not all of these things will appear in my novel, they are all from the same time period.

The reason there is no punctuation is because you are supposed to try and read a Blitz Poem all in one breath.

Express for Home

by Kelly F. Barr

Pony rides
Pony Express
Express mail
Express train
Train whistle
Train tracks
Tracks in the snow
Tracks made by horses
Horses galloping
Horses racing
Racing wagons
Racing hearts
Hearts in love
Hearts broken
Broken arrows
Broken promises
Promises in the dark
Promises kept
Kept safe
Kept quiet
Quiet voices
Quiet times
Times of danger
Times of love
Love in bloom
Love in mind
Mind your manners
Mind your own
Own nothing
Own land
Land and sea
Land west
West travel
West prairie
Prairie chickens
Prairie winds
Winds of change
Winds filled with dust
Dust on your boots
Dust in your mouth
Mouth for kissing
Mouth of the river
River crossing
River of no return
Return to sender
Return home
Home to you
Home in my heart

4 thoughts on “Express for Home (Blitz Poem)

  1. Thanks, Chris! It was fun to write this poem. It challenged me, especially since I wanted to do my best to hold to a theme instead of just a bunch of random words. It was also fun to finally share some items related to my WIP.


  2. Wow! Kelly, that was some poem. I tried to read it in one breath and I couldn’t, but then, I don’t take really deep breaths. Anyway, congrats on the good job.


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