The Narrow Road (A Poem)

The Narrow Road

by Kelly F. Barr


As I travel through this life

Facing troubles and strife;

I come to a fork in the road

Adjust my backpack, shifting its load.


To my left, the road is wide

And many are traveling there.

There’s a narrow footpath on the other side;

One or two slowly walk it with care.


Antics and raucous laughter

From the wide road echo.

A gentle push aids the first, from the one after,

On the narrow road, as their pace slows.


“Which road will you choose?”

Speaks a still, small voice.

“On which is there less to lose?”

I ask and wait, poised.


“Destruction awaits at the end of the wide road.

The narrow road leads to life.”

“The journey’s much harder on the narrow,” I crow.

“Yes, and you may choose — eternal strife or eternal life.”


From the wide road, friends’ voices call to me.

I stand up straight, breathe deep, and wipe my brow.

No friends on the narrow road do I see.

Decision made: Eternal Life — more valuable than the ease of the journey.

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