A Few Writing Updates

Two weeks ago I shared a post about a new literary journal that would be published soon, encouraging you to submit writing to it or subscribe to read it. I am sad to now announce that the Editor in Chief emailed my submission back to me and informed me that she was shutting “Echo Literary Journal” down before it has even begun due to lack of subscriptions and publishable quality submissions. This is very sad because so few magazines of this type, looking for actual short stories in almost every genre and poetry, still exist and accept submissions now. It’s also sad because the Editor in Chief’s dream ended before it began. I do hope she will try again sometime in the future and find success.

As for my writing, I am doing well, though this past week was very busy and I didn’t get to write as often as I would like, but we did get our oldest son settled back at college. However, I have finally found the writing schedule that works for me. I homeschool our youngest son first thing after breakfast until we are finished. Also, during that time, I strive to get the laundry completed on Mondays, sometimes having to finish it on Tuesdays. After homeschool, if we have time, now that the weather is my favorite kind of weather–no heat and humidity and comfortable temperatures (65-82 degrees), we take a walk, then I have time for critiquing/editing before dinner. I cook simple meals that don’t require a ton of time but are tasty and healthy. Then after dinner, I have two to four hours to write and still allow myself at least 1/2 to one hour to read or listen to relaxing music so that I can then go to bed and sleep. This schedule works great for me because I am not a morning person, so my brain struggles to write if I try to do so in the morning. However, I am a night owl. Therefore, on this schedule, my brain kicks in and I’ve been writing between 600 — 1,200 words every evening that I am able to sit down at the computer, which is most evenings. So, I am making great progress with my novel that needs to get finished, and I am writing some short stories as well.

How’s your writing schedule working for you?

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