The Cause of Violence: A Poem

I’m currently studying and learning new how to write different forms of poetry I haven’t written before. Today’s poem is my first attempt at writing a Prose Poem. I hope you will like it.

The Cause of Violence
by Kelly F. Barr

As we all know, unnecessary violence is running rampant in our world–on the streets, in schools, churches, and theaters. Voices shout, “guns must be made illegal”, while others argue “it is not guns, but people who kill other people”.

However, all of the voices are missing the point, or, more to the point, denying the real cause–the fact that the people, the culture, the government, schools, and yes, even the churches have turned their backs on the truth of God’s word.

Self-centeredness and entitlement have replaced the Ten Commandments. Instead of repenting of their sins, people are reveling and indulging in sinful behaviors.

Even pastors disregard the truth of God’s word and preach that sinful behaviors are acceptable; that God is love and therefore, would never send anyone to hell.

Wake up! Christ is still alive and well! Oh, you say, the Bible’s just a bunch of old stories. It’s time to move on to modern things: cell phones, computers, the information age on the internet.

Not only do you deny the truth of the Bible, but you denounce true history–claiming there never was a holocaust.

You’re marching down a dangerous road heedless of the landmines as you run with your eyes closed.

But what will you do if the true believers are right, and one day you come face to face with Jesus Christ?

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