Tea and Poetry

I’ve decided it was time to find something to put back on my blog for Fridays, and since my poetry posts were fairly popular I  decided to try a new twist for poetry posts.

You see, I have a son who attends a school in South Carolina and we went down for his graduation over Mother’s Day weekend, and because he had plans to leave, soon after, to go to Uganda for the summer, we decided to take a few extra days and do a family vacation. Therefore, I checked online for things to do in the areas where we would be and found that Charleston, South Carolina is the home of the ONLY tea plantation in North America. So, being a tea drinker, I thought this would be a great place to visit, and it was — our whole family enjoyed it and we got to taste different flavors of both hot and cold teas and I bought lots of great tea related items in the gift shop.

One of the things I bought was this cute little book entitled “365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know”. That’s how the idea for this new Friday post began, not to mention that our youngest son and I incorporated a “Tea and Poetry” time into our school days this year and our son loves them. Therefore, each Friday, I will do a Tea and Poetry post, where I will share a great tea tidbit as well as a poem. However, not all of the poems I will share will be written by me. I will sometimes include a poem I have written, other times it may be a poem our son has written. It may simply be a poem our son and I have read in our own Tea and Poetry time, or just a poem I particularly like from one of my poetry books.

I hope you will enjoy this new Friday post and will visit often. I will begin this Friday with the following tea tidbit (from 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know):

“Iced tea was invented at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair by an expatriate Englishman      named Richard Blechynden. His hot tea wasn’t selling so he poured it over ice and had      an instant success.”

And here is a poem by Jewel Kilcher:



I feel

my heart


to vague depths


words there

are such

spaces that

I can’t help

but feel

My Heart



the pregnant pause

of all you will

not say

and all

I can

not ask

2 thoughts on “Tea and Poetry

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Jewel is a singer that I used to listen to. She has a lovely voice, and when I found that she had written a book of poetry years ago, I purchased it and find it quite enjoyable.


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