My Broken Heart

This post will be more personal than most of my posts, and I will be sharing some things about my beliefs. I posted the previous sentence as a warning, so if you choose to read this post, DO NOT leave a comment saying you were offended.

Recently, I have been reading about actions and decisions that some churches or denominations have been doing and making, and it has literally broken my heart–how the church can turn its back on the truth of God’s word and cling to and teach lies because they don’t want to offend anyone, or they find the truth of God’s word uncomfortable.

I’m sure in Bible times, when Paul was preaching, especially to the churches who were doing wrong or showing wrong attitudes, people were uncomfortable. I know that before I gave my life to Christ, I sat in church and squirmed in my mind at some of the truth that was preached from the pulpit because I WAS CONVICTED! That is what the TRUTH of God’s word does — it convicts people of their sins and opens their eyes to the freedom available through belief in Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. And when someone knows and experiences this truth, freedom, and the unconditional love of the heavenly father, they WANT to PLEASE the heavenly father by being obedient to His Word.

My heart is aching for the churches in this world. They need to get back to the Truth of God’s word and not be afraid to preach it boldly for there are many who are hurting or are just hungry for Truth, and Only the real TRUTH can set them free.

I am praying that God will send revival to the churches and the country of the United States. If you are a true believer, won’t you join me in this prayer?

Okay, this post is finished, and if you chose to read this entire post and you choose to leave a comment, whether in agreement or disagreement (and I welcome both), do so respectfully, for that was the reason for my warning at the beginning of this post. Any disrespectful comments will not be posted and will be deleted, but I welcome a respectful debate using appropriate language.

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