Gods They Had Never Known by J. S. Helms

gods ebook FINAL

This is J.S. Helms’s debut novel, but she already writes like a pro. Gods They Had Never Known grabbed my attention right from the start and the book kept me turning page after page.

I believe it is natural to wonder about some of the things mentioned in Biblical history that are simply that — mentioned — not much detail, explanation or completion of what is mentioned, and J. S. Helms writes in Gods They Had Never Known about such a mentioned item, expanding upon it. Though this is a fiction piece, it is obvious J.S. Helms did her research to make the story as realistic to the time period as possible. Her descriptions are vivid, painting the places and characters in my mind.

The story begins in a peaceful little village. A village where Haven lives and listens to the Teller who brings the message of Shalliyt to the villagers. Many of the villagers begin to question why they should listen to the Teller. Then some of the immortal Guardians come into the village. They teach many of the villagers how to make more money, all the while desiring to take the daughters of the villagers as their wives.

Soon the village is faced with violence, death, and destruction, and many of the villagers have turned a deaf ear to the Teller. The woman Haven loves is desired by one of the immortal Guardians.

Will Haven be able to win the heart of the woman he loves and save the village? Like me, you’ll have to read the book to find out. You won’t be disappointed.

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