Modern Day Heroes

On Saturday, October 29, 2018 I had the privilege of attending a banquet with the theme “The Courage to Stand”. There were four speakers, three of which were deemed “Modern Day Heroes” by a young friend of mine because they are embroiled in court battles because they are standing up for what they believe in.

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The girl in the gray dress is my young friend, (I attended the banquet with her parents and her), who, after hearing about these court cases and being impressed with the courage of these three people, deemed them “Modern Day Heroes”. The girl in the middle is a young woman who has gone through quite a few struggles in her life, and then one day in high school, after it was determined “that boys who identify as girls can use the girls’ bathroom and locker room”, entered the girls’ bathroom in her Pennsylvania high school and saw the reflection of a young man in the mirror. She quickly left the restroom and went to speak to the principal, who showed no care or compassion for this young lady’s safety and privacy. So, her case is waiting to go before the Supreme Court, and the incident happened about three years ago.


This gentleman was fired from his job as a football coach at Bremerton High School because he prayed on the fifty yard line after every game. At first he did so alone. He didn’t ask anyone to join him, but when some of the players noticed, they chose to join him. Eventually that grew until the entire team joined him and then they started inviting the opposing team that often joined them as well. Coach Joe Kennedy was then asked to stop praying on the field after games. Then one day he prayed on the 50 yard line alone, no players or anyone else on the field and he was fired from his job. His case is also waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court.

After we took this photo, Joe and I found that we have something in common. Do you see his belt buckle — it’s a Batman insignia and I have a Batman cellphone ring holder on the back of my phone. Yes, it turned out we both love “Batman”.      🙂



This gentleman is a good example of strength and courage as he is the Masterpiece Cakeshop proprietor who was sued by a gay couple for refusing to make their wedding cake, and after five years had finally won the case in the Supreme Court only to be targeted the very next day by the same organization involved in the  suit against him the first time. This time he refused to bake a cake for a transgender who wanted a cake made for his celebration of his seventh year as a female.

Seriously, there are lots of bakers out there. These people could have easily gone to another baker. Jack Phillips has had boundaries in place since he started his business. He doesn’t only not make cakes for gay or transgender people. He doesn’t make cakes for other things that go against his beliefs either and has never been sued for those.

I have to agree that my young friend labeled these people very appropriately when she referred to them as Modern Day Heroes, and I will be praying for these people.

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