Tea and Poetry

Today’s Tea Tidbit:

If you live in Canada, you might be savoring Red Rose tea. This brand was created in 1899 out of a blend of Indian and Sri Lankan teas rather than the more common Chinese and Japanese teas. The result was a big success in Canada and Britain.

Today’s poetry selection is an untitled poem by Aphra Behn:

Not to sigh and to be tender,
Not to talk and prattle Love,
Is a Life no good can render,
And insipidly does move:
Unconcern do’s Life destroy,
Which, without Love, can know no Joy.

Life, without adoring Beauty,
Will be useless all the day;
Love’s a part of Human Duty.
And ’tis Pleasure to obey.
In vain the Gods did Life bestow,
Where kinder Love has nought to do.

What is Life, but soft desires,
And that Soul, that is not made
To entertain what Love inspires,
Oh thou dull immortal Shade?
Thou’dst better part with Flesh and Blood,
Than be, where Life’s not understood.

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