Tea and Poetry Tuesday

Today’s Tea Tidbit:

The first bowl sleekly moistened throat and lips,
The second banished all my loneliness
The third expelled the dullness from my mind,
Sharpening inspiration gained
from all the books I’ve read.
The fourth brought forth light perspiration,
Dispersing a lifetime’s troubles through my pores.
The fifth bowl cleansed ev’ry atom of my being,
The sixth has made me kin to the Immortals.
This seventh…
I can take no more.

Lu Tung

Life on the Pony Express
by Kelly F. Barr

The horse gallops, my spirit soars
As we kick up dust across the prairie.
My throat grows parched,
Yet I manage my “coyote call”,
Then slide from the saddle,
Mochila in hand–
Upon the saddle horn of a fresh horse to land.
I guzzle a ladle of cool well water,
Then back upon a horse
And off to the next station house.

When I finally arrive at my home station
Across the miles, covered in dust and grit,
I dismount, walk stiff-legged,
And rub my lower back and rump.
Bouncing across the prairie
Tires a body–
But lifts my spirits and lifts my restlessness.
Such is the life of a cowboy like me–
One only left in books on history:
A rider for the Pony Express.

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